Reliable and dependable payment processing

ACH offers more security and greater control over the processing of payments to your bank accounts.

Key Advantages

  • Easy access through our secure Business Online Banking Portal available 24/7
  • Schedule ACH transfers with next business day availability
  • Direct Deposit to pay employees
  • Collect or send payments to clients/vendors
  • Upload formatted CSV or Nacha file generated from your payroll software or manually create templates to store online
  • Release payments by 5pm CST/6pm EST

Ways to use ACH

  • HSA Contributions: Process employee contributions
  • Direct deposit: Pay consumers or vendors
  • Consumer receipts: Collect utility bills, insurance premiums, mortgage payments and more
  • Business payments: Send funds to suppliers and other B2B counterparties
  • Tax payments: Make federal, state and local tax payments

*Approval Required