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  • Is it time for a new car?
  • Do you need to consolidate bills?
  • Are you ready for a vacation?
  • Does your home need improvements?
  • Have you experienced an unexpected expense?

No matter the circumstance, we have the right loan for you. We offer both secured and unsecured loans with competitive rates and varying terms. Our experienced loan officers will work with you to find an affordable loan that meets your unique financial situation.

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All loans are subject to credit approval.

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can help turn your dreams into reality. A HELOC is an excellent way to finance major expenses while maximizing cash flow. Interest rates on HELOCs are typically lower than other credit alternatives and offer flexible repayment terms.

PAY OFF HIGH-INTEREST DEBT If you have high-interest debt, such as student loans or credit cards, consider consolidating with a HELOC. It could help you save money and simplify money management.

PREPARE FOR UNEXPECTED EXPENSES Unexpected medical expenses can mean financial disaster if you’re not properly prepared. When cash is limited a HELOC can help pay off bills by tapping into the equity of your home.

HOME REMODEL OR REPAIR Improving your home or property through renovation or repairs can help to maintain or increase the value of your home. A HELOC can help give you a greater return on investment.

GET READY FOR MAJOR LIFE EVENTS Thinking about paying for a child’s wedding, preparing for a new addition to the family, or funding an anniversary vacation? Planning for a special event can be costly.

PURCHASE YOUR DREAM VACATION HOME If you have a lot of equity built up in your existing home and are trying to come up with a down payment on another property, a HELOC might be your logical answer.

*Subject to credit approval. Loan term is 10 years and a balloon payment may result if only minimum monthly interest payments are made. Minimum loan amount of $5,000. No closing costs – appraisal fee refunded upon loan closing. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) fixed for loan term. As of March 21, 2023, the APR ranged from 7.75% to 8.75% depending on loan-to-value. Property insurance required and flood insurance required, if applicable. Annual fee of $20 after first year. Prepayment penalty of 2% of the amount prepaid if refinanced by another financial institution within the first 36 months. Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.


10 Year Interest-Only Fixed Rate*
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