Regular Savings

  • Minimum $100 to Open
  • Interest earned on balances $100 and over
  • Free Online Banking
  • Excessive Items fees may apply – See TIS Disclosure

Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • No Monthly Service Charge
  • Free Online Banking and Bill Pay
  • Tax advantage to offset health care expense
  • Designed exclusively for covering medical expenses incurred by the HSA account beneficiary & dependents

Christmas/Vacation Club Account

  • No Monthly Fees
  • $10 Minimum to Open
  • No Minimum Balance
  • Interest Bearing
  • No Withdrawals
  • Can set up automatic transfer from existing account
  • Checks cut on May 15 for Vacation Club and October 15 for Christmas Club or deposited into an account
  • Maximum deposit of $100 per week, $5,200 per year

Report Card Savings

  • Children Kindergarten- 12th Grade
  • $10.00 minimum to earn interest.
  • Earn $1.00 for every “A” on your school report card from SCB, up to $6.00 if your parent/guardian matches it!
  • Deposits made by SCB will have a one year hold from date of deposit.

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

  • Minimum deposit required
  • Interest can be compounded, check mailed, or direct deposited into an account
  • Penalty for early withdrawal
  • Various terms available

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

  • Traditional IRA – IRA plan that takes either deductible or nondeductible contributions. Contributions earn tax-deferred income. The principal and income is taxed as ordinary income when withdrawn.
  • Roth IRA – IRA plan that takes only nondeductible contributions. Contributions earn tax-free income if qualified when withdrawn.