A teenager is racing to the bank after starting a business that showcases his artistic talents. 

Meet JW Hardin, owner of Jockeys by JW.

JW is not your typical kid. At age 11, he is already managing his own business where he uses his passion for art to create custom jockey silk ornaments.

During a conversation with his mother, JW mentioned that he would like to start earning some money on his own. After brainstorming for a while, he decided to use his skills as an artist to create ornaments.

He has already received hundreds of requests for ornaments and the orders continue to come in. Jockeys by JW  is an autism-at-work initiative and every item sold is created, designed, and painted by JW, himself.  Jockeys by JW can be found on Facebook.

JW was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of four. At that time, he could not have a conversation or answer an open-ended question. Today, he thrives as a teenager who is sharing his passion for creating art while being an inspiration to others.

He is proving to the world that if you are determined to do something – you can do it. His craft of designing and painting jockey silks has demonstrated that an autism diagnosis does not prevent one from doing what their peers can do.

“It’s incredible to see him succeed,” said his mother Amy Hardin. “I hope his work and abilities serve as inspiration to any parent or family member who may have received a diagnosis and they don’t know what their future looks like.”

Jockeys by JW  was successful enough that JW needed to open a business bank account. He chose South Central Bank.

“I have known JW for a while and admire his huge heart and the enthusiasm he puts into everything he does,” said Chris Whitfield, President of South Central Bank’s Bowling Green market. “He is truly an inspiration to not only those who are on the spectrum but to young entrepreneurs who have a dream and want to go after it.”

When JW approached South Central Bank about opening a business account, he made an impression. His vision for making a positive impact in the community and determination to run his own business is exactly the type of entrepreneur we want to have relationships with.

Bravo, JW!  Welcome to the South Central Bank family. We are proud to have you as a customer.